Sunday, June 1, 2014

Tommy Keene


There are so many bands that have some incredible and explosive music only to be driven into the ground by second rate and awful vocals. This guy falls into this category. Maybe I am wrong on this but, I have seen the type before, my band, my way. Sometimes a person doesn't take that step back and criticize themselves. 

Easily could have risen into the radio charts with some decent vocals is a song called "Landscapes.
What comes off as cartoonish helium vocals renders this "could have been" to a "no thanks. I know he is still going and he has a decent amount of followers, but his catchy hooks are stil overshadowed by subpar vocals.

Would I have listened to this if I knew about it? 

I might have dived in a little deeper if I was able to provide links, but no can do. My Verdict is a No. Too bad, some of the best music I have heard just ruined by poor poor vocals. Musically a 4, maybe a 4.5. vocally a 1...The vocals just KILL this decision,  overall a 1.5

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