Thursday, June 5, 2014

4 ot of 5 Doctors

4 ot of 5 Doctors

Where the hell was I that missed this band. Perhaps they just fizzled out before the dam broke.Another Philly band that was swept under the rug. Energetic synths with  well written melodic hooks makes this band stand out. 

From Left to Right: Jeff Severson (Vocals, Guitars, Keyboard), George Pittaway (Vocals, Guitar), 
Tom Ballew (Vocals, Drums), Cal Everett (Lead vocals, Bass)

Don't let the cartoon ponies scare you away.
Here is Modern Man from 4 out of 5 Doctors
 and it's amazing.

This band has strong vocals and well mixed and well produced guitar work with complimenting harmonies. 

4 out of 5 Doctors - Breaking Rocks


1979 had a lot of music that there was no way to hear it all. This band, had I know about them, a DEFINITE YES VERDICT. One of the best bands I missed in the many years of music. Easily 5 out of 5. 

Monday, June 2, 2014

The A's

The A's

A decent band from Philly is The A's. Never heard of these guys until now. There are some decent songs and catchy hooks in The A's. The singer Richard Bush just misses the mark vocally for me. He is pure energy on the stage and a decent frontman. He gives off a Richard Hazzard/Elvis Costello/Eddie Money/Bruce Springsteen presence but slowly wears on ya after a while. The hot spot for this band, Rick DiFonzo's brilliant and vibrant guitar work. The guy is truly amazing. 

From Left to Right: Rick DiFonzo (guitar), Mickey Snyder (drums), 
Terry Bortman (bass), Rocco Notte (keyboard), Richard Bush (vocals)

They are another band that the studio can capture and if you want to see them shine you should view the

Their proclaimed single, 'A Woman's Got Power', 
I thought it was junk compared songs like 'After Last Night'. 


My verdict is a YES. Now they probably would have found their way towards the bottom of the stack, but I would have played them on a rare occasion for a bit of  obscure music.3 out of 5.

The Feelies

The Feelies

Didn't expect too much and was still let down. Let me start by saying, I am not into the "artsy fartsy only hip people get me" shit. That's a cop out for crap. The over zealous twangy and jangly guitars were nothing but torture, then you add the over the top wanna be Talking Head vocals and boom..I'm out...

From left to right:
Anton Fier, Bill Million, Glenn Mercer, Keith Clayton


My Verdict is a NO. Not even if you paid me.Before anyone send me hate or threat mail. This is my opinion. I don't like Television, I don't like The Pixies, I don't like Social Distortion. 0 out of 5.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Tommy Keene


There are so many bands that have some incredible and explosive music only to be driven into the ground by second rate and awful vocals. This guy falls into this category. Maybe I am wrong on this but, I have seen the type before, my band, my way. Sometimes a person doesn't take that step back and criticize themselves. 

Easily could have risen into the radio charts with some decent vocals is a song called "Landscapes.
What comes off as cartoonish helium vocals renders this "could have been" to a "no thanks. I know he is still going and he has a decent amount of followers, but his catchy hooks are stil overshadowed by subpar vocals.

Would I have listened to this if I knew about it? 

I might have dived in a little deeper if I was able to provide links, but no can do. My Verdict is a No. Too bad, some of the best music I have heard just ruined by poor poor vocals. Musically a 4, maybe a 4.5. vocally a 1...The vocals just KILL this decision,  overall a 1.5

Robin Lane and The Chartbusters

Robin Lane and The Chartbusters

I had great expectations with this female fronted band from the past. I think I expected too much. Vocally. I think she tries too hard to sing and forgets what she is singing about. 
From Left To Right: Asa Brebner (guitar), Robin Lane (vocals), 
Leroy Radcliffe (guitar), Scott Baerenwald (bass),  Tim Jackson (drums)

Listening to "When Things Go Wrong", Robin's vocals sound like a second rate Ann Wilson meets Rindy Ross from Quarterflash. While the song it self isn't half bad, it misses a hook to draw you in. 

When Things Go Wrong

There's no hiding the fact that Robin can sing, but it is hiding behind mediocre written songs and lifeless rhythm guitars. The guitar solos at times are quite nice and rise above the songs themselves.
I did find one song in particular that I will add to my library of songs, and that song is "Without You".
The production value is quite a difference compared to the other songs I have heard. The added effects cover the flaws in Robin's vocals and these guitars are busy and vibrant. The drums and bass also stand out and are top notch. I was expecting another break away guitar solo in the break and got...nothing. Easily my favorite song and captures some of the live energy and magic on stage. This band is better heard live, as the recorded studio version miss their mark. 
Without You

 Would I have listened to this if I knew about it? 

All in all I was a bit let down and perhaps expected way too much from the hype perceiving this band. My verdict is a No. The reasoning is that the music at that time was so plentiful and amazing that I would have eventually moved them to the bottom of the pile of my regularly rotated ventures. 2.5 out of 5.

Saturday, May 31, 2014

The Outcasts

The Outcasts

From the depths or Ireland comes a band called The Outcast. 

From Left to Right Greg Cowan (vocals/bass), Raymond Falls (drums),  
Colin Getwood (guitar), Martin Cowan (guitar)

Their earlier music is more punk and raw, and as time went on, there is a definite improvement in musicianship but to me the lost that raw guitar edge. For me their best work would be "Frustration", but still fall short of music of that era. 


There is a slight promise of raw energetic post punk angst that just doesn't hit it's mark. I do love the raw guitars on "Just Another Teenage Rebel", but vocally does nothing to enhance the song.


Would I have listened to this if I knew about it? 

What reminds me overall of The Ramones, meets Generation X, meets The Dead Kennedys without the polish of ANY of those bands, my verdict is No. 
2 out of 5 for me.

Screamin' Sneakers

As you will find out eventually, I'm a sucker for female fronted music. So whenever I find some female fronted missed music I can't wait to give it a listen.  Fronted by Lisa Hall this power punk band had some nice production from the demo I listened to. Her vocals are very depicted of that 80s punk/new wave sound and remind me of a Josie Cotten/Clare Grogan mixture. The music itself is solid and nicely written.
From Left to Right [Lisa Hall (vocals), Randy Blitz (drums), 
Bud Gangemi (bass), Eddie Gregg (guitar), Gary Sunshine (guitar)

Lisa Hall and Bud Gangemi

Here is the demo I listened to

 Would I have listened to this if I knew about it? 

Having listened to this for about 3 or 4 times through...The verdict... 
Absolutely Yes!  5 out of 5 for me.