Sunday, June 1, 2014

Robin Lane and The Chartbusters

Robin Lane and The Chartbusters

I had great expectations with this female fronted band from the past. I think I expected too much. Vocally. I think she tries too hard to sing and forgets what she is singing about. 
From Left To Right: Asa Brebner (guitar), Robin Lane (vocals), 
Leroy Radcliffe (guitar), Scott Baerenwald (bass),  Tim Jackson (drums)

Listening to "When Things Go Wrong", Robin's vocals sound like a second rate Ann Wilson meets Rindy Ross from Quarterflash. While the song it self isn't half bad, it misses a hook to draw you in. 

When Things Go Wrong

There's no hiding the fact that Robin can sing, but it is hiding behind mediocre written songs and lifeless rhythm guitars. The guitar solos at times are quite nice and rise above the songs themselves.
I did find one song in particular that I will add to my library of songs, and that song is "Without You".
The production value is quite a difference compared to the other songs I have heard. The added effects cover the flaws in Robin's vocals and these guitars are busy and vibrant. The drums and bass also stand out and are top notch. I was expecting another break away guitar solo in the break and got...nothing. Easily my favorite song and captures some of the live energy and magic on stage. This band is better heard live, as the recorded studio version miss their mark. 
Without You

 Would I have listened to this if I knew about it? 

All in all I was a bit let down and perhaps expected way too much from the hype perceiving this band. My verdict is a No. The reasoning is that the music at that time was so plentiful and amazing that I would have eventually moved them to the bottom of the pile of my regularly rotated ventures. 2.5 out of 5.

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